Saturday, March 14, 2009

red men, blue men, watch men, read men

This is a post of firsts. First film I saw before reading the book. First graphic novel I have read. First comic book film I will consider horror.
I read comics growing up. But these were the occasional ones...Tales From the Crypt, some Ghostrider, some Punisher. I was far from a comic nut. However, I always appreciated them, the artistry, writing and people who were into them. They were "my crowd," my friends. Until now I have never read a full graphic novel.
So here I am, reading Watchmen and loving it. I really think for the rare occasion- it was better for me to see the film first. This was a great movie. One that lived up to the hype and boy, was I sceptical. I am not one to jump on the proverbial bandwagon of pop culture. I was invited by my brother in law and even at the time told myself to be cautious...pop art ahead. I was horribly mistaken. Watchmen is a tour de force. Three hours that feels like one. Blood. Oh yes, there is blood. Social commentary that is so think I could not even follow it...told myself when leaving I either see it again or read the comic.
Watchmen had me at the blue man...Dr. Manhattan. The first time we see him on screen he is huge...ten times his normal size. Like I said, I am no comics expert...but he is the first comic, supernatural hero-guy that really caught me as original. Rorschach was great too. One mean S.O.B.! In reading the novel now...I can take my time and soak it all up. There is enough stuff in the book to write countless blog posts. Maybe I will. For now, I am simply a convert. Pop culture is sometimes wonderful.

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