Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adam Green: with anticipation

Right now I'm struggling.  Last night (a Saturday night mind you) I found myself at the grocery store.  At 8:00PM.  With my family, whom I love, but at the grocery store none the less.  So, being that I am at the grocery store and most fun loving adults in the Cincinnati area are drinking pints of wonderful beer at Oktoberfest- I decide to rent some horror.  The least I can give myself is a night of horror glee.  I got my caffeine free diet Coke, my BB-Q chips and the freedom to go rent what I'd like. So I go to my local Family video, with it's crap selection of movies.  I paid part of my late fees, since I never can return movies on time and I rented three horror films. 

Wait, not three horror films, three pieces of crap.  Two of the After Dark Horror Fest selections, Dark Ride and Mulberry St.  Both crap.  Dark Ride I probably couldn't access fairly since I literally shut it off 45 minutes in.  I was wasting my time.  Also, The Cottage, whose cover looked cool, but we all know we can't judge a horror film by it's box art.  That was crap too. 

Rather than waste time reviewing the bad horror- I want to talk about upcoming horror.  Adam Green's Frozen and Adam Green's Hatchet 2.  At times I feel like I am passing time until these films get released.  Frozen i know is coming out on DVD Sep 24th.  Hatchet 2 will have limited theater release, closest to Cincy is a Columbus metroplex.  These two, and a few others are all that I long for.

Adam Green is a great breath of fresh air to the horror genre.  Hatchet was a slasher gem that lived up to its moniker of "old school American horror."  That it was.  I expect more of the same from Hatchet 2.  Frozen on the other hand looks tremendous.  i try not to watch too many previews, but i did here a interview with Adam Green on the horror show  On it, Adam admits that Frozen is his best yet.  I will wait to judge until I can actually view and review the film- but i strongly believe a fresh voice like Adam Green's will be a welcome harbinger to the Fall season.   

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