Saturday, September 13, 2008

once more....with feeling

While not a horror icon, Forrest Griffin is an icon to me. I have not blogged for awhile. Horror is still and will always be, my third love. Behind my wife (#1) and poetry (#2). But if there was a life I live- or a life I'd like to live- it would be Forest Griffin's. The real life Brad Pitt from fight Club. The man who can turn a boyish happy face into Swiss-cheese in under fifteen minutes. I have always wanted to be a fighter. The blood dripping into my lungs, in real life- not just on screen.
So, I wrestled in high school. I was never good. But I loved the sport. The brutality. The contact. The blood after practice. The drive. The passion. I was never good, but I tasted the feeling just enough to make it stick. Now I am a high school wrestling coach. This would have to be my fourth love, coaching wrestling. Just this past week I started training and weightlifting again. I want to get into shape before this season begins (Nov 1). The feeling i get after my body has been put through the grinder is on par with the feeling I get after writing a good poem. So here I am, once more....with feeling. Trying to not talk about fight club.

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