Monday, October 13, 2008

back in the saddle

Yes, I have not blogged for awhile. No excuses, just haven't found time. Good thing is I have written a bucket full of poems...which i will add to my Urbis site later this evening. But, I do promise to keep up on more horror posts...especially now that we are in the most Hallowed month of the year. The best one of the all. All things good in my life have happened in October...or around Halloween. If I were Napoleon Dynamite, I'd say "It's pretty much my favorite holiday." If one could pick their death date...I'd like to die around Halloween. (but that's not a request for any crazies that read the blog). Anyways...I will start my horror DVD viewing/reviewing this week with Argentos Mother of Tears and Feast 2. I know Feast 2 might be crap...but I want to find out for myself as I really enjoyed the first one. And Argento is Argento...should be great. I will review these, as well as a gore-load of other classics right here on cuts happening in the coming days and weeks. A horror movie a night. And I aint talking about that crap you find on sci fi.

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