Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cincy screams for a new Bruce

If Cincinnati Reds fans want something to cheer about amidst a dismal season...they scream for BRUCE. Jay Bruce that is. And when horror fans have gone for awhile since a new Evil Dead film, they want to scream for a new BRUCE Campbell. Fear not horror hounds...our new Bruce appears to be here in the form of Russell Hurley, star of this weekends Cincinnati Horror Film Fest and center piece of this City Beat article. Hurley is a barber in downtown Cincinnati and our towns largest independent horror philanthropist. I saw Hurley this weekend in a small role in The Stalking Hand.
as well as the lead role in Vagrant Hurley absolutely stole the show in both pictures. If going from being a barber to being a film star seems hard, fear not, as Hurley provides horror with a real shot of comedic intensity. He goes from a humorous, Elvis loving cop in the Stalking hand, to a dead serious thug in Vagrant. Both turns showing that this Cincinnati son is destined to rise as a marauder of the undead. A slayer of the severed limb. A leader of the misfit gang. All while engaging the viewer in Samuel L Jackson-Esq monologues and Bruce Campbell wit. Russel Hurley may enjoy being a barber- but he trades pork chop sideburns for acting chops when it comes to his latest film. Vagrant was the crown jewel of the Horror Film Fest. Hurley, along with the rest of the cast of Vagrant established themselves as innovators of the genre. The film itself relies on a grainy, grindhouse feel. But the film is carried by the acting performances alone. The group of actors in this film gave what may be the rocket launcher to their careers. This may not be Hurley's Evil Dead as Bruce Campbell had. But unfortunately for Bruce, I personally feel that Hurley's acting skills will send him straight into many more diverse roles, he's that good. I look forward to seeing more form him. Better than a rookie coming up from AAA ball and invigorating a stadium of thirty thousand.

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