Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday the 13th !

What a splendid day it shall be! Friday the 13th!
Things you could do today to celebrate: 1. go see The Happening 2. Watch Friday the 13th movies (probably will be some on AMC or Sci-Fi tonight). 3. Go to the Cincinnati Horror Film Fest in Fairfield tomarrow. 4. Play a trick on someone. 5. Step on a crack. 6. Dress up as a camp counselor and and see what happens when you mix sex drugs and alcohol. 7. Play with a quiji board tonight. 8. Say bloody Mary or Candyman into a mirror. 9. Don't listen to the old crazy guy that warns you of what in them der woods. 10. Or, just sit at home and do whatever your wife tells you.
Whatever you do, enjoy the 13th.... chi chi chi ha ha ha...

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