Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never Knew

Gary Braunbeck is from Ohio. Newark, OH to be exact. I used to deliver Home City Ice there in high school. Gary is a Bram Stoker Award winning author of several short stories and novels. His latest is Coffin Country. Which I will be reading after I finish the non-horror-mass-market-yet-still engaging as hell Dean Koontz novel The Husband. I will give a full review of the Braunbeck novel in a week or so and I have added a link to his site on the horror authors list. While we're speaking of Koontz...many may cry out "why have you not included the dog lover Dean in your horror list?" I will premise this by saying I enjoy Dean Koontz. Read him almost as much as the King in high school. Almost everything I read by Dean Koontz is great, reels me in and I cannot stop reading (like The Husband a great novel). This said...I have begun to think he is not a horror writer. He is a great writer, but more suspense and crime and kidnapping now. Plus, he puts out like twenty some novels a year...i can't keep up. So, no I don't include Koontz as a horror writer. But he is a good one. For this sites purposes, I'll stick to real creepers and Braunbeck, Ketchum, Keane, Lee, and (even though he's gone soft himself...) the King. Constant readers will always listen.

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