Monday, June 9, 2008

cuts are happening again!

The world's favorite Horror Blog is back. Cuts Happening has fought off the zombie hordes that overtook the company headquarters about a month ago- and have emerged hungry as ever to report on the world of horror films. This renewed interest in discussing horror has come in some part to this weekends "Cincinnati Horror Film Fest" brought to you by My father in law brought it to my attention that this was happening here in Fairfield this weekend. I checked into it- and it is for real. Eleven hours of independent horror films. I cannot wait. I am so happy to see horror films coming to my area. So ecstatic in fact, that I am officially bringing back cuts happening. This time, it will be bloodier, cover more horror and review more film than ever before and I will proclaim the wonder of horror film to anyone special enough to fall upon this blog. So keep checking back. And remember what Rod Lane says "There were just like....cuts happening man."


Kay said...

Yay, you're back!

B said...

about time