Monday, June 9, 2008

Horror Society?

What a revelation! I suppose if I was a little more with it, not so old, or out of touch....I would know of things like the horror society Instead, my family, that allows and forgives (as it is an odd hobby) my love of horror films, brings this film festival to my attention Over the years i have been isolated in my interest in horror films. Maybe one friend or two that says "yeah...I like horror movies, you seen that new Saw film?" But no one who appreciates in concert with me, the vast array of horror talent that is out right now. I have been a fan since watching the Shining with my mother as a young boy. Since watching Nightmare on Elm Street with my brother, when the parents were away. Since watching Evil Dead with my old college roommate-and to this day, my only ever real horror friend. Since today- where I find myself starting my horror blog back. Sifting through my collection of close to two hundred films- asking myself, "do other people enjoy horror films as much as I do?" the answer is yes! I will be attending this horror fest this weekend. A wonderful thing since I cannot afford the travel costs of attending a fangoria festival- which only comes as close to cincy as Chicago. I will have a blast. Perhaps even meet some others of my kind- then this blog will really get going and my family will see there are others like me out there.

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