Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Billy Bob Kruger???

Not that believing Internet rumors is good...but IMDB and now Fangoria are reporting that Billy Bob Thorton is going to play Freddy in the the new Nightmare on Elm Street re make.

Being that I derive my tittle "cuts happening" from the nightmare films...I am flabbergasted. Do they need to remake it? No. Does Michael Bay need to give it up? Yes. Has Billy Bob made a good film other than Sling Blade? No.

Granted...he's got a good Robert Englund-esque look for the role...but SO DOES ROBERT ENGLUND. And last I checked Robert is still making good horror films (up soon in Jack Ketchum's Red and Jack brooks Monster Slayer).



bean said...

man, the book "red"...i couldn't do it... i was SO upset about the dog i couldn't bring myself to finish the book. however, "the girl next door" i read in one sitting. what kinda sicko am i?

Rot said...

Robert Englund pretty much IS Freddy Kruger. To hear him speak of the character is like listening to a proud father speak of his son. This would be truly bizarre if they re-invented the character with Billy Bob.
Why not just have the balls to re-invent the character with Englund?
Or why not just leave it alone and invent a new horror icon?

Poor Englund.