Wednesday, August 6, 2008


At the store today, the girls both requested kool-aid. Now, I was raised by a mother who was a dental hygienist. In turn, we had no kool-aid, no sugar cereals and no sugar gum. Yet even without all this sugar, my brother and I still ended up a couple of fat asses. (sorry, I'm a bit genetically bitter today, as my Wii Fit informed me I had gained two pounds over-friggin-night). So there is still a part of me that, no to sugar.
But my girls eat sugar cereal (sorry mom). They seem fine. No hyperactivity, no third eye, no teeth falling out. So I let them get the kool-aid at the store today. Pink lemonade. Yes, it called for one cup of sugar. And yes, I couldn't help but skimp a bit on the sugar.
But my mind on sugar stuff has been somewhat re-shaped. As after taking her first sip, Arlene exclaimed (insert cute Arlene voice) "Daddy...this is refreshing, and delicious!" I mean it sounded like a damn commercial. She was so stinkin cute, she got a second glass.
So when my kids suffer the life altering displacement that sugar creates, blame me. I'm taking the life attitude of "OH YEAAHH!"

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A. said...

I STILL drink Kool-Aid. And, Arlene is right, it is refreshing and delicious!

I also skimp a little on the sugar. You can't really tell, but I figure every little skimp helps.