Monday, August 4, 2008

A Productive Cough

The girls and I have coughs. This may sound plain- and for the matriarch of our family, the coughing is getting quite annoying- but we are going to make our coughs productive ones. The next two days in the Naty are supposed to be steamy hot. The girls and I typically fill up our days. Going to the library, the grocery store, the pool, ect. We do stuff. But the next two days, we will be sloths.
I have made the executive decision that we are staying inside. I will work on some lesson plans for the school year (and obviously, some bloggin). The girls have been coloring and playing their various self-made games that only they know what they are. Games like "tent" where you layer blankets over bar stools and make yo-self a tent. Games like "dollie-liberation" where you liberate, or TAKE OUT all of your dollies and make them watch your own personal dance show. fun stuff.

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A. said...

I used to love a good "tent" session. Ours also included couch cushions; it was really more like a fort by the time we were done.

Never played 'dollie-liberation' or held my own personal dance show. They are girly-girls, huh?