Monday, August 4, 2008

wilful suspension of disbelief

Sometimes I wish I could apply this feeling to other aspects of my life. You know the feeling: you find yourself on a KICK...a kick featuring a long lost favourite band. Doesn't matter the band. For me, in the last week or two, it has been modest mouse

Recently, they have gotten big and are one of those bands you can find in a catchy car commercial. But back in the day...they were an intimate, angry, car trip kind of band that we discovered in Bowling Green. Modest Mouse played in BG when The Lonesome Crowded West was released. May I just say that that album remains one of the greatest indie rock gems of the decade.

Recently i went on the mouse KICK. Rocked out to Lonesome while hanging with my brother in law and some friends at a fish fry. Wrote some poems to Interstate 8 and This Is a Long Drive For Someone with Nothing to Think About (still the best tittle of any album, period) and even got the girls listening to The Moon and Antarctica.

I'm curious to see if others go on these KICKS? If you comment, tell me the most recent kick you went on, what the music was, and if you think we can bottle the magical feeling of falling in love with a band over and over again.

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Kay said...

Wow, glad that Cuts.Happening has been updated! For me, I go on Radiohead "Kid A" kicks every fall, as you know. That is my all-time most favorite album of all. And it reminds me of fall, specifically, the fall before we got married.