Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get in, the water's nice

I would rarely recommend a horror film based on a crocodile. Aquatic horror (as we'll call it) tends to teeter on the verge of campiness by its very nature. I mean, really- other than Jaws, what aquatic horror film really scared ya? Lake Placid? No. Open Water? Hell no. Most tend to showcase an absurdly large animal, typically genetically altered by scientists- hunting pot smoking skinny dippers. All this despite the warnings from the local townspeople to not go in the waters.
HOWEVER...for the first time in awhile, I really enjoyed an aquatic horror film. ROGUE...the follow up to up and coming horror director Greg McClean's WOLF CREEK. I rented Rogue because Wolf Creek was so darned good. So, if you have not seen Wolf Creek- go rent it. Or, borrow it from me. But you can find Rogue right now at most video stores. The bad thing is that the film has horrible cover art...looks like a campy crap fest. But it's not. Rogue delivers real terror and is more about the plot than the croc. But the croc is scary. I was spooked a few times. Which means you may be spooked countless times. I really recommend this one and McClean's other film Wolf Creek. Great horror by a great new director.


Kay said...

I agree, this movie was good. I was really skeptical, but it pulled me in and I enjoyed it. And the croc didn't look like a stupid CGA nightmare. It actually looked real!

bean said...

I haven't seen it yet, but it's on the list (so I only skimmed your blog post). I was disappointed it didn't get a theater release (hello, hollywood? wolf creek was successful and it's the same director. asses.) while that abysmal "Primeval" did.