Friday, August 15, 2008

Poem of the Friday

In protest of the fact that every Friday is not Friday the 13th...I propose Poems for Fridays. Poems for the day. Horror films for the night. Man-made bliss.

Here is one of my idols from college: Robert Creeley (1926-2005)


bean said...

oh, PAINFUL that it was cut off.

how funny. i studied poetry. i was halfway thru my MFA in poetry when i quit. various reasons...none of which had to do with a loss of love for poetry.

thank you for this. and thanks for posting your poems. i dig.

bean said...

the haunting of julia is only on VHS and bootleg dvds. but if you have the whole comcast on demand stuff, it's actually on the channel. i'm not sure if they are showing it on the website though.