Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ga Ga for Aja !

Yes this entry may be a little bit on the "fan boy" side of the aisle. But I cannot express my appreciation for Alex Aja's work. In the words of Tom Cruse, he had me at High Tension. This 2005 film was a ground breaker. Literally HIGH friggin tension throughout. A tense talent he brought into The Hills Have Eyes remake. For those who have seen Hills...content wise-of stealing a cannot be denied that the "burning father, baby stealing scene" was not one of the most tense twenty minutes of any recent film. That scene quite frankly made the remake good and so good that every other horror film that can be remade is being remade.
But Aja remakes it right. He honors the original, but injects his own....tension. His latest jaw-dropper is Mirrors...out Friday. Another remake. But another one that looks separate enough from the original to release the tension. There is something to be said about how bad a remake is...but there is also something to be said about a director that gets a remake right. For as much as horror fans (myself included) don't want to see our heroes Freddy and Jason and Leatherface and Ash remade. There is just as much appreciation when it comes to Aja's work. The best thing about him is that his remakes a good, better than the originals...AND his original work is so solid no one would ever touch remaking them.

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bean said...

They also did P2. Did you see it? I loved it.