Sunday, August 31, 2008

My face...a book...oh the horror.

Clive Barker once said..."every body is a book of blood, when we're opened, we're red."

I hope facebook serves me right. Yes, through the advice of a trusted best friend I have joined facebook. When my friend visited this weekend he asked "are you on facebook?" My reply was....ummm...yes, I've heard of it, no I don't live in a cellar, but no I have no facebook...I'm not sixteen.

His reply..."well it's a great way to stay connected to old friends." and given that I am not the best for staying in touch with people. I talk to the friends I have here in Cincinnati, but not other friends, the few I have, that live in far away cities. I don't call them. i don't write to them. i don't send Christmas cards.

But per the conviction of my friend, I have joined facebook. To meet old friends. So if your on there, I'm on there. Maybe, like Clive says...i will be a face book of blood. Back to more horror blogging after the fireworks are over here in the nati.


B. said...

No not a social network!

where's Donnie? said...

yeah...I had to. I stuck my finger down my throat...threw up an did it. I love all the old friends I've talked to though.

Congrats B...bye the way! we miss you guys and will see you soon.